JAMAA Productions is a team of creatives, producers, directors, filmmakers and entertainment marketing executives. With over 15 years experience in television and film, they have won an Emmy and Cannes Lions award, ran campaigns for the most notable studios and networks such as HBO, Netflix and Warner Brothers, produced with Joss Whedon (Toy Story, The Avengers) and filmed for FX, NBC, and Netflix, most recently Sons of Anarchy, Dave Chappelle, Chicago Fire, True Crime: The Menendez Brothers and Kobe Bryant’s documentary for Legendary Pictures.

JAMAA follows a sensitivity and style that’s uniquely their own. Not too polished, not too raw, but always with a lot of soul. So far, since launching in 2017, FIFA, IMG, Storied Media Group, Kobe Bryant & Viola Davis have liked their secret sauce enough to get behind their projects. JAMAA knows the power of a good story well told can ignite fires, impact cultures and amplify important conversations on subjects that truly matter. They are dedicated to harnessing that power to craft their films and series to the highest standards, creating stories that are profound and entertaining.