The journey of every athlete begins long before they step into the arena.

We built JAMAA Sports to honor the entire athletic journey - not just the game. We don’t want to clutter the sports space with more boilerplate films and tv series - instead we want to celebrate all aspects of the athletes we work with.

JAMAA is an award winning, full-service production company that specializes in creating unforgettable film, TV, digital and commercial sports content. We use the power of creativity to challenge convention, re-invent the status quo and create the unexpected. We are united by one mission; to bring inspiring sports stories to life.




On our founding year, Jamaa Productions was trusted by FIFA and given a rare, all access deal. From there, we would go on to develop relationships with the worlds greatest athletes to transform what sport stories look like. We have a deep and intricate understanding for sports, women's football, storytelling and film production that we’ve dedicated entire careers to. Together we have more than 30 years of Emmy nominated, sports documentary experience, having worked with Kobe Bryant, Legendary Pictures, ESPN Films, NFL Films, IMG, CBS, NBC, FOX Sports, ABC Sports and we're one of the few entities that has been granted full access to film from FIFA. 







“Women are one of the sporting industry’s biggest-growing markets — and one of its most ignored”
      -Washington Post

Women’s sports around the world are drastically on the rise, but it’s no secret women are viewed as second class when compared to men. The continuing fights over unequal pay, insufficient media coverage, and general aggravating sexism are still around. The unconscious (or conscious) attitude that women's sports are less exciting, less athletic, and just plain less impressive than men's is more widespread than you'd think. JAMAA hopes to rectify this. Our mission is to 1) Adjust the lens in which people view female athletes and women’s sports internationally 2) create premium, character driven stories with globally recognized athletes 3) Go into unchartered territories.

We are changing the conversation and rewriting the rules.